Avitron recognizes that each event is unique and original which needs to be specially created to match your company’s specific requirements and vision.

Avitron’s event planning is carefully structured to achieve improved collaboration and interaction between team members.

Our experts ensure your events will harness every single penny of your available budget by a thorough consultation and discussion of the event’s concept and goals.

Through our unique process of requirement analysis which involves visiting the event site, creating a floor plan that matches the event’s look and style, recommending equipment and staffing solutions according to your budget and the specifics of the site, we boost productivity, staff performance and client morale.

We test, pack, and deliver audio visual equipment to the site, install lights, staging and sets, and do a live run-through to fine-tune to ensure everything is perfect. During the weeks leading up to your event, we work hands-on to coordinate production meetings, catering services, security staff, marketing, and other services.

During the event, our technicians will operate all audio, video, and lighting equipment, and be on hand to take care of any last-minute needs.

From start to finish, you can trust Avitron to make your event a success.